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20th DIRAC Working Group Meeting 2017, Odense, June 6th - 9th (Arrival June 5th)

For new people

The DIRAC meeting is a family reunion for DIRAC developers and DIRAC friends. It is a nice opportunity to meet the people behind the DIRAC code. There is no registration fee but for organization purposes please let Hans Jørgen know that you want to come.

Most people will stay at the campground (more info below). The cabins are very good comfort, not expensive, and it's fun to be there. Book them well in advance.

We will discuss science but a significant part of the program is reserved to discuss the future of the DIRAC code, programming, code maintenance, release planning, as well as for programming task groups.

The meeting program is self-organised, simply add talks and discussion points to the program.

How to get to Odense

Typically you will fly to Copenhagen or Billund and then take the train. From Odense train station you can take the bus or share cab to the DCU-Camping Odense.


Make your cabin reservation at DCU-Camping Odense. The cabins can accommodate 3-4 people so organize with others. Use the dirac-developers mailing list.

Bus tickets

  • Fynbus web page is here
  • regular bus tickets cost DKK 23 for a single ride (including changing lines) and are valid for 1 hour.
  • alternatively you can “rent” a bus card at the 7-eleven store at the train station (deposit DKK 50 + DKK 10 per prepaid bus ride with this card. E.g. you ask for a card with 6 rides, cost DKK 110). Using this card the cost for a bus ride reduces to DKK 10.
  • arriving by train you can use your train ticket for the bus and get a free ride (to the campground).
  • bus routes (line 21)

Participants (please add yourself)

  • Hans Jørgen Aa. Jensen, Odense
  • Trond Saue, Toulouse
  • Luuk Visscher, Amsterdam
  • Radovan Bast, Tromsø
  • Andre Gomes, Lille
  • Eugene Gvozdetsky, Amsterdam
  • Elke Fasshauer, København
  • Benjamin Helmich-Paris, Amsterdam
  • Paul Bagus, UNT, Denton, Texas

Work tasks (please add tasks)

  • Update Dokuwiki
  • Make pam ready for Python 3 (possibly by a complete rewrite)
  • basis set derived type: the way to go?
  • removal of bugs recognised by silly variable initialisation

Prologue: Monday June 5

Tuesday June 6

Wednesday June 7

Thursday June 8

Friday June 9

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