Checklist for beta-testers

Verify that the tarball installs correctly

Check out the release branch:

$ git checkout release-12

Create the tarball yourself:

$ ./pamadm --release
$ mkdir build
$ cd build
$ cmake ..
$ make release

Please report if the tarball generation is broken.

Extract the generated tarball and install it:

$ ./setup [--fc=ifort --cc=icc]

Please report problems. Pay attention whether math libraries are correctly detected.

Run the test set

Run the test set using the extracted tarball (see further up). The best way to do that is to run make Experimental:

$ ./setup [--flags] -D BUILDNAME="my-build-name"
$ cd build
$ make Experimental

The result of make Experimental appears automatically on the DIRAC Dashboard. And we can all see which tests fail and why.

Verify the author list

Verify the author list below the logo in the output. Check versions. Check typos.

Run tutorials from the website

Verify that they actually run.

Verify the manual and other documentation

Correct typos and mark sections that are wrong or not clear with a warning:

.. warning::

   Something wrong here! (replace this text)

This will create a red box with the warning inside.