CFREAD is a utility program for getting information from the file DFCOEF containig MO-coefficients, orbital energies and, if relevant, information about boson or linear symmetries. Usage is straightforward, for instance:

dirac 26>cfread.x DFCOEF

 CFREAD; Information read from file : DFCOEF

 - Heading :DIRAC: No title specified !!!                     Tue Sep 24 23:05:49 2013
 - Total energy: -75.1621606438559979
 - Fermion ircops          :      1
 - Negative-energy orbitals:      0
 - Positive-energy orbitals:     21
 - AO-basis functions      :     21

Note that the electronic energy is calculated before diagonalization, so that coefficients from iteration n refer to electronic energy from iteration n-1. At convergence this should not matter.