Commit policy after the release is out

Since DIRAC12 we have two novelties:
  • We have put a patching/updating mechanism in place for patches and bugfixes.

  • We have a versioned documentation.

Both the patching and the documentation will break down if we do not follow the guidelines outlined here.

  1. Commit patches and bugfixes (large or small) that relate to DIRAC14 to the release-14 branch and not to master.

  2. Commit changes to the DIRAC14 documentation to the release-14 branch and not to master. In the days and weeks following the release we will modify the DIRAC14 documentation a lot. For this simply commit to release-14. The documentation is generated from that branch. This branch continues to live until we release the next version and discontinue support of DIRAC14.

To summarize the above two points: all commits that go to master will never make it to this documentation: and will never be part of patches to DIRAC14 if you don’t carefully plan your commits, the patches will get lost (from the user’s point of view).

All commits that go to release-14 can be integrated to master. This means that all changes to release-14 will get integrated into the main line development. Never merge from master to release-14.

If, by accident, you committed to the wrong branch, you can git cherry-pick the commit to the release-14 branch.

  1. Do not change the file VERSION. This file is changed when we release a new patch. But we will not release a patch from each commit to release-14

To summarize, ask yourself the following questions:
  • Is this code or documentation change useful for DIRAC14 users? If yes, commit to release-14.

  • Is this code or documentation change only useful for future versions of DIRAC? If yes, commit to master or some other branch.