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 ===== News ===== ===== News =====
-2022-06-01:+2022-06-01: ​25th DIRAC-meeting in Odense
 {{ :​dirac22_meeting.jpg?​400 |}} {{ :​dirac22_meeting.jpg?​400 |}}
 +Standing, from left: Xiang Yuan (Lille), Mauricio Rodríguez-Mayorga (Amsterdam),​ Martin van Horn (Toulouse), Joel Creutzberg (Lund), André Gomes (Lille), Jan Brandejs (Toulouse), Johann Pototschnig (Toulouse), Hans Jørgen Aa. Jensen (Odense), Maen Salman (Toulouse). In front: Luuk Visscher (Amsterdam),​ Radovan (universe), Trond Saue (Toulouse).
 2022-05-30: The 25th DIRAC meeting has started ! 2022-05-30: The 25th DIRAC meeting has started !
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